Does musical training really make children smarter?

Does musical training really make children smarter?

You’ve heard of the “Mozart” effect, but is it all hype? Why would Do Re Mi really lead to better understanding of ABC and 123?

This newsletter is dedicated to dispelling the myths and shedding light on the real benefits of early music education.


What happens to your brain when you learn an instrument?

A study was done on a group of 6 year olds. For 36 weeks, some were given piano lessons, some voice lessons, some drama lessons, and some no lessons at all. You will be amazed at what happened! See it in this video!


Music Training Before Age 7

So, why not wait for musical training? Why does it have to be part of early education?

Neuroscience 2013, a conference focusing on brain research, presented astonishing findings on the effect of early music training. Turns out, music lessons before age 7 has a far more lasting impact on brain growth and development than when people traditionally start music lessons.

Music lessons worth the money

OK, so music lessons really are going to benefit your child, but they can be expensive. How can you justify spending money on music lessons for such a young child?

The article below explores how music lessons are a great investment both now and in the future.


Come see for yourself!

I love teaching music to young children because we target the “critical period” of the child’s brain development. It’s much easier for children to internalize the language of music during this time frame.

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